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Deregulation of Natural Gas and Power has divided the business into 3 separate functions.

Commercial and industrial customers now have the option to choose a supplier other than the public utility but still remain a customer of the utility for delivery, service, and maintenance.


Since the mid-1990s, a number of states have passed legislation deregulating energy markets and allowing for competition among electricity and natural gas suppliers in the industry. This means that customers in deregulated states can choose an alternate energy provider other than the utility and benefit from the opportunity to find cheaper electricity and gas rates.

Deregulation Means The Choice Is Yours

In the past, it was the utility company that enjoyed the power to choose. They chose how much to charge, how to profit from market fluctuations, how to deliver service, and how to treat customers who had nowhere else to go. In the world of regulated public utilities, the interests of the consumer all too often come last the real power held away and apart from everyday people, the real choices made in favor of higher prices and more limited service options.

Energy deregulation creates a free marketplace where you can shop freely for your natural gas and electricity, just like you shop for any other product or service. No longer do the advantages of competitive supply bidding only benefit the powerful and no longer are you shackled to an energy provider who doesn't meet your needs. Deregulation puts you in charge.