By switching your energy supply service to an Alternate Energy Supplier, you could benefit from a lower rate. Search Energy has helped many business customers save money on their energy bills. Switching is easy we take care of all the administrative work so that you can focus on running your business. Nothing changes other than your rate.

Search Energy makes it easy for you to enroll at a lower rate.

Deregulation of Natural Gas and Power has divided the business into 3 separate functions.

Commercial and industrial customers now have the option to choose a supplier other than the public utility but still remain a customer of the utility for delivery, service, and maintenance.

About Us

Search Energy was founded to provide commercial and industrial end users with a strategic approach to energy management. Search Energy is comprised of energy professionals from the natural gas, power, and energy procurement fields offering a vertically integrated mix of energy products and services including strategic sourcing, aggregation, transportation, and risk management services that address the complex needs of energy reliant enterprises.

The energy market is no longer a simple matter of choosing the lowest cost supplier. Now, cost is complicated by stringent contracts, utility tariffs and surcharges, regional legislation, delivery and supply rate confusion, and direct sales bias.

We will work with you to analyze your invoices, rate class, power factor and demand charges, and pursue competitive pricing on the open market on your behalf.

Search Energy works with local, regional, and national suppliers for natural gas and electricity offering the best pricing and terms.

  • Flexible agreements
  • Full energy product suite
  • No interruption of service
  • No switching fees

And you still remain a customer of the utility for delivery, service, and maintenance.

Deregulation MAP

We serve commercial and industrial customers in the following deregulated markets.

  • Serving all deregulated markets
  • Natural gas and Power
  • Supply analysis
  • Aggregation of multiple sites
  • Multi state pricing programs